3M Marine adhesives are extremely strong; retain their strength above or below water line and permanent bonding. Our marine adhesive is flexible and allows for structural movement and dissipation of stress that may be caused by vibration, swelling, shrinking or shock. This is designed for highly demanding marine environment, making it good for creating tough bonds. We use 3M Marine adhesives in different applications like fiberglass deck to hull, wood to fiberglass, under moldings. This high-performance adhesive completely cures in 5-7 days with no shrinkage. The seal is extremely strong, retains its strength above or below the waterline, and stays flexible allowing for structural movement. It has excellent resistance to weathering and saltwater. It works to seal fiberglass hull to deck joints, wood to fiberglass, portholes and deck fittings, thru-hulls, etc.

3m marine adhesives in pakistan