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Pakistan Fiberglass was established in 1984 and specializes cobalt octoate Importers and raw materials for Boat Building and Shipbuilding, especially for Pakistan Navy and Fishing Boats. We import excellent quality raw materials including greases and lubricants for vessels and submarines. Pakistan Fiberglass also specializes in amazing quality driers for paint industry and for UPR Curing. We are one of the best cobalt octoate Importers in Pakistan.

With over 32 years’ experience, Pakistan Fiberglass has long been an industry leader in metal carboxylates technology and production. Our Quality Management and Quality Control provides consistent products to meet end-user specifications.

Based in Karachi, Pakistan, and having sister concerns in China, USA, UAE and Italy, we proudly supply various products to our customers not only in Pakistan also overseas.

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  • With Over 10 Years experience

  • Cobalt product services 8 year

  • Cobalt 12 % product services 10 years

  • Selling product – 7 years

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