This is a clear, nearly colorless high purity liquid drier with great activity and compatibility. Calcium is a very important auxiliary drier. It’s utilized in combination with lead and cobalt octates, primarily in synthetic resin finishes.

Calcium prevents the formation of lead haze in a clear medium. Synthetic resin paints and varnishes containing lead drier might become cloudy throughout the storage because of precipitation of insoluble lead phthalate. This defect may be markedly reduced or eliminated by a fairly substantial proportion of calcium within the drier mixture.

Calcium used in conjunction with cobalt will increase the efficiency of cobalt drier within the paint medium. Calcium is a very important auxiliary drier that eliminates hazing, blooming, clouding of the finishes and keeps them clean and glossy. Calcium 10% suppresses the gas checking impact and wrinkling impact within the alkyd resin finishers wherever cobalt and lead driers are used in combination with manganese.

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