E-Glass Direct Roving is a single-end roving that does not require splicing and can be used in a number of textile technologies.

Important characteristics of direct roving are:

  • Catenary-free, splice-free, single-end roving where the size determines the strand integrity.
  • Even in the case of leno woven materials, excellent warping and weaving qualities in both the machine (warp) and fill (crosswise) directions.

because there is no twist, it is simple to get pregnant.

For resins like epoxy, polyester, vinyl ester, and phenolic, TD44C size is a great option.

In terms of alkaline resistance, T99C size is top notch. For usage in EIFS, Vetrotex Zero Twist can be simply impregnated with alkaline and water-resistant resins (like acrylic styrene acrylate polymers and copolymers).