Fiberglass woven roving is mixable with polyester, epoxy and phenolic resins. It’s used in hand lay-up, boats, vessels, planes, automobile parts, and tanks. The input is created for controlled wet out and good mold ability, fast and complete wet in resins, resulting in high productivity. Woven roving is the material used in fiberglass boatbuilding, ideal for multi-layer hand lay-up applications wherever excellent material strength is needed. Sensible traceability is wet out and efficient. Marine polyester resin is the most popular resin for wetting out this manner of glass fiber material. Yard material wets out easily and is usually used between layers of the mat for strong laminates. Woven roving is made from continuous glass fiber roving which is interlaced into heavyweight fabrics. This is used in most cases to increase the flexural and impact strength of laminates.

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