Zirconium is a very efficient auxiliary drier. It’s used in print media with cobalt and different auxiliary driers to spice up the performance of paints and varnishes. Zirconium is the best replacement of lead octates once employed in combination with a metallic element or metal within the unleaded paint systems.

Zirconium shows product gloss retention, color, and color retention compared to steel. However, it doesn’t perform also below adverse drying conditions of low temperature and high wetness. Zirconium is the most useful drier for water-resistant finishes due to its stabilizing effect on the ester linkages in the media.

As a powerful cross-linking agent, Zirconium improves the hardness and offers higher adhesion. Because of its abrasion-resistant characteristics, it’s used in wire enamels. In synthetic resin amino combinations, Zirconium has been tested to be the simplest auxiliary drier that resists absorption and improves the performance of different driers employed in combination with it. It gives a decent result on epoxy esters too. However, within the phenoplast media, Zirconium has not shown any good result. Zirconium is widely used in white paints together with metal and metallic element because it reduces the yellowing tendency of the white film and retains the achromatic color by protecting the film from any weather effects. Lead isn’t counseled within the white paint when zirconium is used as an auxiliary drier.